With the increasingly fast-paced modern lifestyle, people barely have time to think about the quality of their diets. But, it actually doesn’t take much to commit to feeding yourself well. A little planning and wise decision-making can go a long way— budget-wise, health-wise, and productivity-wise!

People very often take their health for granted. Unfortunately, poor health takes a toll on a person’s productivity and by extension, the country’s economy. Our health affects every aspect of our lives and its importance cannot be emphasized more.

Proper nutrition is prevention against disease. It’s all about giving your body what it needs and deserves. When you invest in your health by making good food choices, in the long run, you save and medical costs. You also feel great! When you’re healthy, you’re happy!

It all starts with making right food choices by making well-informed decisions. Know what you are putting in your body and whether it is good for you. With this basic mindset, you should be ready to make good choices even when eating out at Parkmall.


1. Fiber is Your Friend

Fiber helps with weight management. It makes you feel fuller because it absorbs so much water, so don’t forget to drink lots of it. Bonus points for fiber: it lowers cholesterol, improves bowel movement and helps keep blood sugar level at bay. Winner!

Try it: Postrio’s High-Fiber Cookies

2. Stack your snack

Fresh fruits are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber but adding yogurt stacks your snack with some protein and calcium for your muscles and bones. This makes for a complete, nutritious, and delicious snack that is available in Parkmall!

Try it: Fresh Fruit Salad with Yoghurt from Thirsty

3. Portion Control

Who says you need to stop eating the things you love. Like pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza lovers, fret not. Of course, you can still have pizza when trying to eat healthy, but make sure to eat only a maximum of two slices in one sitting (for thin-crust pizzas). Remember, portion control!

Try it: Vegetarian Masterpiece Pizza from Da Vinci’s Pizza

About the author

Justinne Lou Go has always been passionate about food. She is a licensed nutrition-dietician with a background in the culinary arts. She is also known for her blog, babeforfood.blogspot.com, where she shares her food quirks and adventures. Currently based in Taguig, Manila, she aspires to someday contribute to promoting an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle, especially in Cebu.