One of the best things about Cebu is its ever-growing and evolving dining scene. Fresh concepts are constantly introduced while established restaurants continue to innovate, all to satisfy the Cebuano’s love for food.

A number of food places have recently opened at Parkmall, home to the finest al fresco dining in Cebu. From snacks to desserts, here are eight must-try food places that every foodie will surely love.

1. Nokinocs Savory House

If you’ve been to Palawan, you’d know that Nokinocs Savory House is home to the best halo-halo in the archipelago, and every Palawenyo can attest to this. Aside from their best-seller, Nokinocs Savory House’s first and only branch outside Palawan also serves three of their best-sellers from Palawan: Crocodile Sisig, an exotic and healthy alternative to your usual sisig, Chaolong, a Vietnamese noodle dish with a Filipino twist that’s best paired with french bread, and Crispy Palabok, a modern twist to a Pinoy classic. Nokinocs Savory House also serves other Filipino favorites.

Why you’ll love it here: They serve affordable dishes that are perfect for any meal.

Location: 2nd floor, West Strip
Store hours: 10AM-10PM

2. Slate District

A fusion of Eastern and Western flavors is what you can expect to find on Slate District’s menu. Though this is their first restaurant, the owners of Slate District, Shane and Jacqui Lua, are no strangers to the Cebuano food scene since both of them are lovers of the culinary arts. Their store specialties include the Jack Slate Chicken, the Slate District Pizza, the Grilled Pork Belrizo (Belly+Chorizo), and the Slate Ribs Platter.

Why you’ll love it here: Their flavorful dishes are served in large portions.

Location: Ground floor, Alfresco area (beside Cobo Tea)
Store hours: 10AM-10PM

3. Streetyard

Fast and casual, this hole-in-the-wall-esque restaurant serves large portions of succulent pork chops that are available in two flavors: pesto herbed and sour cream. These best-sellers retail at less than a hundred pesos each and come with one cup of rice. Streetyard also serves other delectable dishes, such as carbonara, mac & cheese, grilled sandwich and nachos.

Why you’ll love it here: You’ll get so much more than what you pay for.

Location: 2nd floor, West Strip
Store hours: 10AM-8:30PM

4. Hainanese Delights

This Singaporean restaurant offers healthy yet scrumptious dishes plus unlimited Hainan rice at a very affordable price. Though not exactly new in Cebu, Hainanese Delights relocated its only franchised branch in the province at Parkmall because the location offers promising growth for the business. Best known for their best-selling steamed white chicken paired with ginger and chili sauce, Hainanese Delights constantly adds delightful desserts and new dishes to their menu.

Why you’ll love it here: The healthy dishes plus unlimited Hainan rice are value for your money.

Location: Ground floor, Alfresco area (beside Savemore Supermarket)
Store hours: 10AM-9PM

5. Chicken Deli

In case you haven’t heard, Bacolod’s favorite inasal is now in Parkmall. Chicken Deli, short for chicken delicious, continues to live up to this name by serving tasty grilled chicken made from fresh ingredients. Aside from this best-seller, their menu also includes a number of Filipino classics, such as palabok, beef kare-kare, lechon kawali, and sinigang.

Why you’ll love it here: Its convenient location makes it more delightful to enjoy their tasty dishes.

Location: Ground floor, West Strip
Store hours: 10AM-10PM

6. Ministop

Did you know that Ministop is the only convenience store in the country that has its own kitchen inside? This is why their Uncle John’s Fried Chicken, Kariman, toppers and other food are always served hot and fresh. As one of the largest convenience store chains in Japan and the Philippines, Ministop constantly develops products that will cater to the Filipino’s palate and budget. Aside from the food, another must-try at Ministop is their Chillz, a non-carbonated thirst-quencher that comes in a variety of flavors.

Why you’ll love it here: Ministop is your go-to place for snacks, meals, desserts and refreshments that won’t hurt your pocket.

Location: Ground floor, West Strip
Store hours: Open 24/7

7. Snowbowls

You’ve probably seen photos of Snowbowls’ colorful ice desserts posted on your friends’ social media accounts. These cool treats taste as good as they look, and that’s already saying a lot. Snowbowls is a dessert parlor allows its customers to personalize their desserts with a number of drizzles and toppings to choose from, including a wide variety of Oreo flavors that are all imported. Snowbowls is known for their shaved gelato dessert called snow cream. They recently introduced their Elixirs, which are blended concoctions of their snow cream with a light yet icy texture. Both snow cream and Elixirs and a first of their kind in Cebu.

Why you’ll love it here: The place, itself, is Instagrammable with a fixture of LED mood lights that compliment the winter-inspired interiors.

Location: 2nd floor, West Strip
Store hours: 10AM-10PM

8. Coffee Dream +

Coffee Dream, one of Cebu’s pioneering gourmet coffee shops, has started catering to the health-conscious individuals with juices, smoothies, and sandwiches only offered in their new concept cafe, Coffee Dream +. Aside from their coffee, non-coffee and healthy drinks, they also offer breakfast meals, pasta dishes, tasty desserts, and just recently, freshly baked pastries. What’s even better is they offer unlimited brewed coffee from Tuburan for only P100.

Why you’ll love it here: Hip, playful and interactive with ample lighting, this is the perfect space for studying, meetings, dates and hangouts.

Location: Ground floor, Enclave area
Store hours: 8AM-1AM

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